The Story Behind Vita Miracle

Michael York Family

Vita Miracle was established by Michael York in 2009 out of a need to find vitamins and supplements for his family that had effective proven doses and that were safe for his family. Vita Miracle grew it’s product line out of this unfilled need and now has served millions of families across the US with the  highest quality scientifically-researched full dose vitamins on the planet.

In 2013 Michael met Dr Hendricks (a highly renowned nutritional doctor) and teamed up with him to continue to improve the formulas and create new innovative products for Vita Miracle.

Michael York says “my kids take these (Vita Miracle Vitamins), my wife, my mom, myself, we all take Vita Miracle products every day – if I wouldn’t trust our products for my own family, I would never offer them to anyone”.

Vita Miracle continues every day to redefine the supplement industry. Growing their line of products with proven effective Doses and safe natural ingredients. You will always know every product is produced from the highest-quality ingredients and goes under rigorous testing. All of our products are made in the USA in GMP certified facilities under the watchful eye of Vita Miracle quality control.


Vita Miracle Credo

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