ULTRA ABSORPTION – Elemental magnesium supplements have years of clinical research behind them. See Albion Minerals’ whitepaper in the image section above to see why
VEGAN CAPSULE – No powder mess like you get with tablets. These easy-to-take capsules absorb faster than tablets and they’re Vegan made with no animal byproducts
QUICK ACTING Magnesium Glycinate – Higher bioavailability (absorption) compared to other magnesium forms like magnesium citrate oxide chloride malate taurate sulfate and carbonate – thanks to chelation
BACKED BY RESEARCH – Albion, the leader in chelated magnesium, is the top authority for magnesium Chelate. Our product carries the Albion Minerals Gold Medallion seal For Magnesium Supplements
RISK FREE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – In the event that you are not completely satisfied with VITA MIRACLE Chelated Magnesium Bisglycinate, we will guarantee a refund of 100% of the purchase price paid.

CHELATED MAGNESIUM ADVANTAGE – VITA MIRACLE Chelated Magnesium is made with Albion TRAACS, a patented form of magnesium that is chelated to amino acid glycine to optimize bioavailability for maximum absorption. Chelation is the process of minerals becoming chemically bound to amino acids and occurs naturally during the digestive process to facilitate transport of minerals across the intestinal wall so that they may be utilized throughout the body. Amino acids are ideal chelators for minerals because the body is very efficient at absorbing amino acids across the intestinal wall.

EASY ON YOUR SYSTEM – When a chelate molecule binds magnesium with the amino acid glycine, the result is magnesium bisglycinate chelate. This attachment keeps compounds like phytates to break the bond. This speeds up the transfer through the intestinal wall and research indicates this is the most highly absorbable form of magnesium, ensuring immediate uptake by the intestines and no stomach acid being required for breakdown. This means you won’t experience the laxative issues like so many other magnesium supplements cause.

WHY CHOOSE VITA MIRACLE – 100% money back guarantee, simply stated we stand behind our products. If you don’t like it we will refund you your money, that is how confident we are about our products.

Manufactured in the USA in a GMP-certified facility.

100% Natural; Vegan, Non-GMO, and Gluten Free.

Customer's review (72)

  1. Five Stars

    Easy to swallow capsules as recommended by my holistic doc. For muscle and nerve relaxation stregthen teeth.

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  2. Purchased several times

    Larger pill, but not too difficult to swallow. I only take one pill/ day, to help with palps (PVCs) and afib. I read about this supplement and thought I’d give it a try. YMMV. I’ve been using it for about 18 months. Make sure you get the “glycinate” for heart rythym issues. ( and not “oxide” , which works as a laxative !!)

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    Paul S

  3. Four Stars

    Worked as expected

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  4. Not happy.

    Expiry date too short. Powdery residue in bottle and some capsules didn’t look full. Not happy.Returned



    2 per day has made a huge difference in my RLS which makes my legs, especially my thighs ache after eating certain foods or drinking certain beverages. I still take gabapentin if really needed but since taking this magnesium I hardly get RLS and if I do it’s usually like a 1-3 compared to the previous 7-10 pain intensity. Though they are larger sized capsules it’s easy for me to swallow. I wish I had known about magnesium supplements years ago. I picked this brand because of its purity. I do not notice any difference in my sleep per se, I’m a light sleeper and it’s still tough to sleep through the night without waking. That said, the quality of sleep is vastly improved if I’m not compulsively moving my legs from that deep aching or twitchy feeling. So on one leg, yes great improvement, on the other leg it’s the same lol..

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    Maine Ah

  6. Not as much anymore?

    I would give 5 stars as I’ve been taking these for over a year to help with anxiety. They have made a huge difference for me. However, this new bottle has smaller pills than previous bottles. It looks like there isn’t as much powder. The mg has not changed so now I’m not sure if it’s the true dosage amount.

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  7. Seems to help

    Doctor suggested to help manage leg cramps. I do still have cramps but they seem to be less often.


  8. I’m not sure these are what they say!

    I have taken Magnesium Glycinate for many months and love all the help it has given me. However, after taking these “hard pills”, (my other supplement was in capsule form),I noticed that the good that I get from this nutrient stopped and I wouldn’t know I was taking them.Supplements are NOT regulated or tested by our Government and so we don’t know if they are full potency.BUT I just wanted to warn people that I (myself) did not have a good reaction to these pills. IT MIGHT JUST BE my body and they might help you .

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  9. Five Stars

    Excellent product works really great, feeling better within days would highly recommend to take these tablets

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    Anderson R Scott

  10. Magnesium Glycinate

    I purchased these after watching a youtube video of how much it can help with heart palpitations and helping you sleep. I was not disappointed.

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    Barbara M.

  11. Misleading listing

    I bought those instead of the brand I was taken before because the title made me think it has 200mg per capsule, but it doesn’t. My sleeping quality went downhill and then I saw that the capsules have one 100mg in them, so I was taking half the amount I should. The listing is misleading and ending buying a product for double the price comparing with the one I was taking before. Will not buy it again.

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    Nina Iskin

  12. Boosted my energy

    I have chronic fatigue related to Fibromyalgia. I tried magnesium years ago on the advice of a chiropractor, and it gave me stomach upset. So I gave up trying it. Then, I decided I’d try magnesium again when I realized I really needed something to boost my energy because I was unable to do all the things I’d planned each day. That’s when I researched magnesium and found that chelated magnesium is less likely to cause stomach upset. So I gave this a try. I started seeing results in six weeks and had no stomach upset. Not only could I do my usual chores, I could even do extra things around the house (I’m a housewife). I am very happy with this supplement. It has given me more energy than I’ve had in years.

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    K. Rodriguez

  13. Smooth moves

    This product works really well. It takes about an hour to kick in but once it does make sure your close to a bathroom. Smooth sailing from there.

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    rick t

  14. Good product

    Easier to swallow than the tablets.

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    John B.

  15. Good product.

    This appears to be a very good product. This is a supplement and let me say that this is one of the hardest type of reviews to do because in general, it is really hard to say if you have any immediate benefit from most of the supplements we take. I truly believe in supplementation and I believe many of them are well made but I am not a laboratory scientist who can test the quality of these products.That said, here’s a few things about this product I have noted. First, it is made in the USA which is a good thing. I wouldn’t want to buy a supplement made in China and trust me there are a lot out there.On the negative side, this product contains stearate which is not good in my opinion. It also contains rice flour. As I’m going on a special diet soon where I cannot have rice or its flour, I am stopping taking this. I really see no reason to add ingredients like this that are likely to make some people not take them.In general, I believe this is a well made product but I do encourage you to research supplements extensively before deciding on a plan for taking them.Do note however that you need more magnesium in your diet than you are getting. It is a hard one to get from food alone. So supplementation is a good way to do it.DisclaimerI received a discount on this product to provide this review. I’ve done a lot of reviews using this system and I always tried to give as unbiased a review as possible. If I do not like a product I do give it a low star rating and detail the issues in my comments.

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    Dave Nesbitt

  16. Magnesium to aid sleep and sore muscles

    I️’m on the keto diet and use these to supplement my electrolytes. A doctor recommended these particular type of magnesium for sleep. It seems to help some nights.

    B. Fines

  17. It’s hard to gauge the effects of magnesium directly, …

    It’s hard to gauge the effects of magnesium directly, but I know that most of us are deficient in it, including me. I am excited to find a pure magnesium supplement that I can take daily.

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    Richard M

  18. No more muscle cramps

    No cramps great product

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    North Carolina Muscle Machine

  19. A much better supplement than the rest!

    I take Magnesium to help with muscle recovery and soreness. If I stress my body physically, I can really tell the difference in how long it takes to bounce back and how sore I stay when I don’t take magnesium. It helps my body relax and sleep better too while it’s resting and rebuilding muscle. This specific supplement digests and absorbs so easily, it works so quickly and much better compared to other more traditional magnesium supplements that I have been taking for years.

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  20. This contains Magnesium Stearate

    So many other options that doesn’t contain magnesium stearate.

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  21. Received with seal broken

    Came without being properly sealed.

    Lena Tesone

  22. Wonderful. Feeling great!

    I’ve been taking couple weeks and feel great.y BP dropped from 160 to 128. It works and hopefully I’ll get off Losarten entirely.DOCTOR TOLD ME THEOTHER DAY WILL FEDUCE LOSARTEN. HURRAH!!!!Eventually will be able to come tell give Losarten up. Looking forward to THAT!!!!

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    Kay Tekle

  23. My Stomach loves these

    I know I need magnesium in my diet and I seem to do better when I take it but I usually stop because my stomach can’t take it. I have not had any problems taking these. They really seem to do the trick.

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    David Novo

  24. Easy to swallow

    Recommended by an advisor


  25. easy on the stomach , but a large pill to swallow.

    I bought this supplement to help with anxiety, I have only been taking them for a week but I can already feel a calming effect.

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  26. Quality product

    My naturopath recommended I get this form of magnesium supplement, which is known as the “calming” version. It’s too early to say if that is what it’s doing, but I did research these supplements a lot (because some have questionable amounts of the actual supplement you want to buy, despite the label) and feel confident in the quality of this product. I combine this with magnesium citrate pills (for constipation relief), so split the doses of both. Take one of these (glycinate) in the a.m. and one of those in the p.m.

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    E. Malliris

  27. Great choice!

    My physician prescribed Magnesium. A friend recommended this brand. In as much as it isn’t being taken for sleep I haven’t slept better in years.

    Real Deal

  28. Five Stars

    Does relax for sleep a night.

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    Olivia McClanahan

  29. All of your body needs magnesium to function

    The body needs magnesium and this one agrees with me. No tummy issues.

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    carla J

  30. Seal missing

    The product had the outside plastic ring but the seal was nowhere to be found. Considering that plastic can be manipulated, I didn’t feel safe consuming the product. I’ve bought this item at least 4 times previously with no issues, but since I can’t find an option to tell the seller, here we are. Now I have to eat the cost and buy elsewhere.

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  31. Four Stars


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  32. Excellent product..and price

    Good product.good price

    Diana D

  33. Fulfilled our need.

    My husband is on a new blood thinner which gives him headaches everyday. His Dr. suggested trying magnesium glycinate. The headache disappeared within the 1st hour after taking the magnesium. He is just taking one a day and so far it is working well. Not sure if it helps with his sleeping.

    Bettie C.

  34. Excellent selection

    I wanted to add a magnesium supplement to my daily regiment primarily as an aid to sleep. As a side benefit, it also helps with end of the day foot soreness. Since magnesium is also a laxative I was concerned with having too much of that effect. I am pleased to say that the Glycinate form is only mildly laxative and does well for my primary purpose. I am having a lot more success sleeping through the night.

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    John Zeron

  35. Works well

    This product is good. I’m still using it.

    Max Cannon

  36. Helps with vestibular migraine

    Seems to be helping me with vestibular migraine.

    Lorraine O

  37. Keeping my electrolytes in balance.

    Great product. Easy to swallow.

    Sandra York

  38. Supposed to help muscles but creates constipation instead

    I bought this product in hopes of it helping my sore muscles ( I live on a small ranch). The results of taking this type of magnesium, which is supposed to be super absorbable, is that it creates constipation. I had to stop taking it and go back to my old standby – Magnesium Oxide.


  39. Relax

    Easy to swallow. Helps relax for sleep.

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    J. Voorheis

  40. Good for you

    Good product

    Syrvie purcell

  41. A high quality supplement

    No side effects and seems like a very good quality product. Would certainly recommend this.

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    Jason Grill

  42. Great supplement option.

    I have taken magnesium for the last year. I like this better than the tabs from Walgreens. They are easier on the stomach and seem to be easier to absorb. Since starting magnesium I have had significantly less asthma problems and improved pain levels in general.I cannot recommend this enough.On my second bottle now and couldn’t be happier.

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    Carolyn Harness

  43. Five Stars

    Very good product!

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    Naliane Almeida

  44. Highly recommend this product

    The product arrived on the day it was supposed to and it was for my partner who said it is doing what it should and he is very happy with it .With Magnesium Citrate my partner was taking befor this product it was making his stools too sloppy but the Magnesium Glycinate has stopped this and his bowel movements are back to normal

    jane robinson

  45. Good for heart.

    Have to take for heart. I loose a lot of magnesium due to side effect of a med that causes me to sweat. Was having severe heart palpatations and arrhythmia so cardiologist had me taking 400-500mg daily. Right away the arrhythmias stopped. But must take an absorbable variety. Did my research and found this to be one of two that I take daily.

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    Jackie Dryer

  46. Magnificent Magnesium!

    Great product, helped me sleep better first night I got it!

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    Kevin Bair

  47. Five Stars

    Easy to take and has helped with my sleep.

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    Kindle Customer

  48. Five Stars

    Best quality

    Damian Lupino

  49. good



  50. Great product

    This is hard to find in stores so I was thrilled to find it here on Amazon, this is the only magnesium that works for my multiple sclerosis induced muscle cramps!

    Sue Martin

  51. Seems to be working for me!

    My niece recommended adding magnesium to my diet to help with sleep and I really think it’s working. Great stuff


  52. Calming and Rested

    Wow. I love these. This is the most gentle, yet effective I have ever had. In the past I have chosen brands that gave me headaches and nightmares.Nothing like these. I rest well and wake up refreshed, calm and peaceful.


  53. My favorite form of magnesium!

    This magnesium just works the best when compared to the many many magnesium supplements I have taken. I would say my body absorbs it better. Good for muscle energy and relaxation. No diarrhea to speak of. Lesser products at higher dosages can cause diarrhea. If you are trying for that to loosen up the system, then maybe just go with a cheap cheap grocery store brand

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  54. Headaches

    My husband used it to take care of his headaches.

    Toni F

  55. Migraine sufferers rejoice!

    It does not cause any stomach disruption which is important to me as I have a sensitive stomach.This has improved my chronic muscle-spasm migraine headaches from almost every day to about once a week, and those are less painful. To achieve this you must take it daily for 3-4 months before it kicks in, but you will know it’s working when you start feeling like a normal human being again. I just doubled my dosage to 4 capsules a day and seen another level of improvement. I am ecstatic over these results; if you have neck and back muscles causing migraines this may work for you. Considering all the drugs, physical therapy, Botox, and nerve block procedures I’ve had, this is a simple and cheap solution that really works for me.

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    Johnny B

  56. Perhaps not an honest company. Used to be a fan, now I’m not

    Extremely disappointed in what I thought was a great company. Turns out there may be some sneaky business going on here given that the size of the capsule has essentially halved since a few months ago, for the same price. Everything else on the bottle’s label remains essentially the same (200mg, the ingredients, etc). There is no logical way that this is accurate. They are either making a major error with the dosing information or they are straight up lying.

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    does the job … I am no expert so this is all I can say

    One person found this helpful

    harold hilderbrand

  58. Important electrolyte

    My pain doctor recommended these after I hurt my back and was in severe pain ( I couldn’t stand for more than a few minutes). I told him I didn’t want to take any narcotic pain meds, nothing with acetaminophen, and no NSAIDs. (Addiction issues, as well as kidney and liver issues in the past as a result of diabetes.) One of the treatments He mentioned was possibly having a rhysotomy every few months to deaden the nerves. He also recommended yoga. He wanted me to avoid foods that cause inflammation and was pleased when I told him I was keto so already avoided foods like that. I skipped the yoga, said no to the rhysotomy treatment, and with these, in just a few days, the pain was gone.

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  59. Did nothing for me

    Did not work for me.


  60. I would get them again

    Very good valueThey work well with our body


  61. Fantastic for improving sleep quality

    I bought this product a little over a month ago and have since found that my sleep has dramatically improved both in terms of quality and length. I would highly recommend as it is one of the few bioavailable sources of magnesium.

    Shawn A

  62. Great help for leg cramps

    Has greatly helped with my leg cramps at night. I take 2 per day.

    9 people found this helpful

    S. Altman

  63. Absorbable, easy to swallow and easy to tolerate

    I’m using Chelated Magnesium for leg spasms. 300mg daily is appropriate for resolution. I bought tablets which are hard to swallow. I found use of gel caps or capsules much easier to tolerate. I like this specific form of magnesium as highly absorbable with no negative side effect (diarrhea).

    Stephanie A. Banks

  64. Five Stars

    I’ve been taking 3 a day.

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    Christine Karow

  65. Five Stars

    Daughter recommended hopefully will work on my leg cramps

    One person found this helpful

    Lorrine E Parks

  66. Four Stars

    This Magnesium is okay.

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  67. Very good. Taking two during the morning

    Very good. Taking two during the morning, provides me with that extra physical energy in the day, also noticing how much better I can concentrate and focus on tasks. In the evening, feeling much more relaxed in preparation for a good nights sleep.

    Hasan Aziz

  68. Quality product

    I have a need for more magnesium in my diet. This brand is good quality and has the right amount of magnesium in each dose. I would buy it again.

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  69. Works well.

    I’ve used it for over a year. It works well. No issues with this seller or product.


  70. Tried and true.

    Very easy to swallow and I stick with this brand.

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  71. 120 capsules – only 60 doses

    Product description says 200Mg, but the serving size is actually 2 capsules, so really there are only 60 doses of 200Mg (120/2). Deceptive..

    2 people found this helpful

    Amazon Customer

  72. My pain has come back!

    This is not what it claims. Mg Glycinate should help allay sumptoms of Fibromyalgia. I had been pain free with my other choice (which I can no longer get). I have started having muscle pain again while taking this. How do I get my $ back? It claims to have 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.

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