• TRIPLE IMMUNITY SUPPORT FOR KIDS – Now your kids can enjoy more time playing, and less time sneezing, coughing, and wiping a snotty nose. Highest potency black elderberry gummies provide top immune support throughout the tough winter months and the year
  • A NATURALLY-SWEET TASTE YOUR KIDS LOVE! Half the battle with forming any good, healthy habit is making it pleasurable. Our premium Vita Miracle Elderberry Gummies for kids are naturally sweet and taste great with NO artificial sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup
  • SAFE & PURE INGREDIENTS FOR POWERFUL IMMUNE SUPPORT! Your kids deserve the best when it comes to their health and wellness. You can feel safe knowing that our premium Vita Miracle Children’s Elderberry Gummies are packed with all-natural, Non-GMO, and healthy ingredients. This delicious kids vitamin includes Sambucus Elderberry, Vitamin C, and Zinc vitamins for even more daily immune support
  • COLD AND FLU SUPPORT USED FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS – As a parent, it is so hard to watch when your child feels sick and miserable. What if you could protect your kids from common colds and flu bugs going around classrooms, day cares, and friend’s houses? You have found the ultimate immune-boosting shield to keep your kids feeling healthy throughout the year!
  • IT’S LIKE EATING A HEALTHY FRUIT SNACK… If your child is like 99.9% of kids, then they love eating fruit snacks! Our all-natural, Non-GMO, Black Sambucus Elderberry Gummies for Kids make it easy for your kids to get their daily immune support without any tantrums or fights. Parenting is all about finding the small wins, right?!

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  1. Elderberry Gummies

    Kids love it, easy chewable gummies.

    sunshine sc

  2. Good

    son likes it


  3. Luv the taste

    My kids luv the taste.


  4. My son loved it!!!!

    My son love it, finally one that he loves the taste !!! There’s not like the usual gummies that they are so hard and taste like vitamins .. but this one smell and taste so good!!! Is like you are eating a piece of the fruit !!!!

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  5. Disappointed! New flavor isn’t as good

    We loved the previous shipments – the flavor was amazing! But for some unknown reason this company changed the formula. The new flavor has a slightly weird aftertaste, and is def not as good as what we’ve been ordering. My kids even noticed without prompting. Eating it usually triggers one of my girls’ gag reflexes, but I’ve taught them how to hold each other’s hair back bc mama ain’t got time for that lol. Not sure if we will continue to buy after the bottles are gone. Le sigh.

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  6. Favorite

    My toddler daughter loves these gummies, she could eat them all day long. Finally vitamin gummies that are not covered with a big amount of sugar plus it`s vegan too! Highly recommend!


  7. No safety lock on cap

    My grandson loves them. Please put a safety lock on the cap


  8. Kid approved. Great flavor, product, and cost.

    My kids take these daily. I opted for this product after comparing prices. We’ve now made this a regular order! My kids love the flavor and never complain about taking them. I like the idea of going a step further to help their immunity.

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  9. Happy

    My kids love taking this


  10. taste so good

    I bought for my kid & we both take them now because they taste so good.

    Amazon Customer

  11. Fast delivery

    It was ok

    Karen Frost

  12. Really good flavor

    Don’t know if they are helping with anything, just wanted to add extra defense for my daughter’s immune system. I’ve already purchased them twice, they are really good so I don’t have to ask her twice to take her vitamin!


  13. Excellent

    Price went up

    David Gudgell

  14. Safety cap?

    Why doesn’t the Sambucus Elderberry Gummies for Kids come with a safety cap?


  15. Yummy

    Feel like I’m eating candy. Great flavor!

    Matt’s mom


    My children love these vitamins they say the vitamins are so good. Don’t have to remind them to take them. I would highly recommend!

    Kindle Customer

  17. Taste Great

    Taste great.

    Ashley Drayden

  18. Flavor

    My grandchildren like these alot

    Tyler Michale

  19. Vitamins

    Love it

    Dr. Jeanne Russell-Khan

  20. Second favorite immune gummy

    These are okay tasting. I found these when another brand I like better was out if stock. I bought another similar which I didn’t like at all. So this brand will be my second go too immune gummy to buy.

    D Alexander

  21. Excellent product

    Fast delivery, good flavor

    Carmen Andrews

  22. A 1

    A 1

    Joseph Reilly

  23. Only gummies elderberry my boys will take

    My twins prefer these to any other’s.

    Kindle Customer

  24. Kids’ favourite

    We’ve gone through lots of vitamins to find the right ones for the kids. My son says “Mom, this is the best one! I like it” What other endorsement do you need than that!?

    One person found this helpful

    Karen A.

  25. great taste

    the only elderberry gumies my kids love

    Karen Zavala

  26. Good product

    Love that product


  27. Great

    Kids love them

    Mirvet Imsirovic

  28. Kids like tgem

    The Kids loved them. Didn’t have to chase them down to take their vitamins. Great taste, easy to chew.

    Kimberley Hernandez

  29. The order came in quick

    The taste was great


  30. Like candy

    Good product. Daughter likes the taste

    Michael Bookin

  31. Love it!

    Great flavor! My boys are I absolutely love them!..will buy again.


  32. My daughter didn’t like the flavor

    Great value for money, wish my daughter liked the flavor though, I ended up giving it to someone else

    Zarina A.

  33. Best value and taste

    A vitamin my kid actually asks for! (He loves the packaging too)

    Amanda Townsend

  34. kid friendly

    great taste and effective


  35. vegan

    There are no unnecessary animal product additives; this is a vegan gummy!The lower than standard dosage of zinc is great for children and adults who usually experience stomach upset with larger dosages.

    One person found this helpful

    Amazon Customer

  36. They taste good.

    I loved these Elderberries and they taste good. I bought them support my immunity during flu and COVID season.

    Julie Barber

  37. Easy solution for elderberry

    I like the taste and that they are gummies. I feel that they are a good value.

    One person found this helpful

    Deb G

  38. Great!!!!

    Kids love them it’s never a fight to get them to take the gummies.

    Amazon Customer

  39. Burn smell from Seal

    We Received the order but upon opening the gummies, we noticed there was a burnt smell. The seal was over done and black. needless to say, we wont be eating them.

    Amazon Customer

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