• ULTRA POTENT MORE EFFECTIVE AND POWERFUL SOURCE FOR YOUR B COMPLEX VITAMINS – Contains ALL Essential Active B Vitamins B1 B2 B3 B6 Folic Acid B12 Biotin & Pantothenic Acid
  • MAINTAIN HEALTHY ENERGY LEVELS THROUGH THE DAY – SHOWN IN CLINICAL STUDIES TO REDUCE FATIGUE – Super B Complex also known as B Complex 100 can give you that energy boost you need and reduce tiredness and fatigue
  • SUSTAINED RELEASE DOCTOR FORMULATED TO GIVE ENERGY FOR 6 TO 8 HOURS – slowly releases b complex vitamins to maintain that energy boost through the rest of your day
  • REDUCE STRESS PLUS BOOST BRAIN FUNCTION AND NERVOUS SYSTEM – Men and women as they age can benefit from vitamin b complex – also called B-100, Stress B Complex, or Super B Complex Vitamins, can also be taken as capsule softgels gel caps tablets or pills – organic and vegan
  • MADE IN USA IN A cGMP FACILITY – All natural non-gmo, soy and gluten free, no preservatives or artificial ingredients – Safe and effective super b complex vitamins

Customer's review (25)

  1. Most everyone needs B vitamins

    Since I was a child I have always had anemic blood work. I have always been low on vitamin B. I take supplements most every day to try to fill in where I’m not getting it in my diet. I always feel better when I include B vitamins in my routine. I switch brands a lot to make sure that I’m getting the right things. This brand is as good as any as I have ever taken. The pills are easy to swallow and do not have any taste or smell. I feel like this brand covers a lot of the different B vitamins at one time without having to take too many. It is an economical way to make sure that you are getting your B vitamins because often we don’t get enough in the SAD – Standard American Diet. B Vitamins are one of those that if you get too many they will pass through your system without hurting anything.

    B. Fike

  2. I have just started taking these……..

    I have just switched from the liquid form of Vitamin B complex to these. The pills are big. So if you have difficulty with swallowing pills, take that into consideration.


  3. Lab work good on this B Complex brand

    Satisfied with this Vitamin B Complex vitamin lab work shows good levels taking this B Complex brand.

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  4. Good value

    As a supplement there easy to swallow and taste isn’t to bad.

    Jeffrey G

  5. Great!

    Great product at a good price!!

    Justin Morton

  6. Very high odor

    This Vitamin D has a very high, unpleasant odor. I contacted the seller a few weeks ago to inquire about the high odor but the seller is unresponsive. I have since discarded the full bottle.

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  7. Overall good product

    I am taking B complex for the body’s methylation regulation & long term. The capsules are a little bigger but can be easily chewed down to smaller since they are not that hard and having a decent taste makes it easier & possible. I will continue to take them on a daily basis. No negative side effect so far and I would recommend people to drink a lot of water after taking it.


  8. Looks promising

    I will go back and review after I take this for awhile. I have to take vit B supplements on the orders of my neuro. This looks like a great blend with the right amounts of what I need. Came quickly, undamaged. No weird odors (always a bonus!).

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    Theresa T

  9. Its is all natural

    I used this product to my nerves because my middle and ring finger is numb



    Energy level has gone way up and no longer fatigued during the day.


  11. My energy is back.

    Can’t believe how much energy I have after just a few days. I am so busy on the farm, especially canning season, was too tired to do anything in the evening Now I have the energy to do my baking after supper. Feel young again. Definitely recommend this product.

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  12. Very Good Value.

    You can really feel this working.

    Daniel Keating

  13. That it is a completely natural product.

    Great product especially for a vegetarian.

    Sandra York

  14. Good value

    Good value this contains the high potency vitamins that are needed for nail and hair growth in one convenient pill


  15. B Vitamins

    good value for the money, has everything in them don’t have to take numerous pills just one




    john bausic

  17. Good value,works great,easy to swallow.

    These are easy to swallow, and you can notice a difference in your over all energy level after a few days with a great value for your money.

    Michelle l.

  18. Great Product

    Always looking for a good Vitamin B complex and finally found a very good and powerful one… and the better part? the price!


  19. Good

    Good product

    Satisfied customer

  20. Quality

    Felt it did the trick. Appreciated the quality and price. Thanks to Tara – Customer Care Coordinator and R.K.

    D. Bielecki

  21. Product price & quality.

    Your product seems to be working for me so far, I do not feel tired too fast.

    The Baker in Laurelton

  22. This vitamin is AMAZING! I have suffered from fatique, but I haven’t crashed yet & it’s 10:30 PM!!

    This is AMAZING!!!

    Kindle Customer

  23. Shipped product is NOT sustained release as advertised.

    I purchased this product because it was high potency vitamin B complex and because it was sustained release. The picture on both Amazon’s and the manufacturer’s websites state it is sustained release and there is a medallion on the front label of the bottle that clearly states sustained release. However, the product received has a different wording in the medallion and no where on the bottle does it state that it is sustained release. I called the manufacturer yesterday about this and still waiting a resolution. I am returning this to Amazon and I have purchased another high potency B complex that is sustained release from a local merchant.

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  24. Boring review. Why? because I can.

    Thanks for the promo code. I really don’t know if B complex works but I hear it does from a lot of people. I’ve never liked the flavor of any B complex.


  25. Bye Bye Mosquito bites

    So this summer we had the mosquitos from hell. I kept getting bit. One night at a part a friend recommended taking this B complex every day and it would keep the mosquitos away from me. I was not sure about it but desperate to not be bitten. Well it worked! No more bites. Oh sure B complex does a lot of other great things…But the no bites! Yay.

    Marcie J.

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