We have researched EVERY aspect of 100% pure fish oil capsules – what makes it work & what makes it NOT effective. Here is the formula that has been PROVEN to work:

– Molecularly Distilled to remove potentially dangerous heavy metals
– Triple Complex Punch of Thicker Gelcap Capsules Plus Mini Size Plus from natural sea life Eliminates Fish Burps and Fishy Aftertaste and are very easy to swallow.
– MAXIMUM DOSE AND POTENCY – 3,000mg per serving Pharmaceutical Grade Triglyceride Fish Oil Pills
– Highest Potency Omega 3 With 630mg DHA & 915 mg EPA (MORE POTENT THAN OTHER 360 500 700 800 1000 1000MG 1200mg 1200 1240 1500 CHEAP PRODUCTS)
– Sustainably Sourced Fishing High Quality USA Deep Coldwater Caught Ocean Living Fish (not cheap warm hatcheries)

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Supports men and women, kids or children (with smaller dose and always consult your doctor) and supports dry eyes, is great for bodybuilding nutrition essentials, heart health, mood, muscle pain, and more.

We Back Our Fish Oil Omega 3 Up With Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so you feel safe knowing that there is no risk with this purchase! If for any reason you feel that these are not the best fish oil capsules you have ever purchased, just let us know. These Iceland and alaska nordic zone fish oil pills also have so many great reviews that we ask you to check them out for yourself.


90 Caps, 180 Caps

Customer's review (383)

  1. I can’t taste the fish

    Can’t taste the fish

    kimberly tompkins

  2. I am very satisfied with this product after using it for two weeks …

    I am very satisfied with this product after using it for two weeks I could feel the difference in my energy level. I would surely recommend this product.Mary M

    Mary M

  3. Five Stars

    Love the purity of the fish oil and no after taste


  4. No gross fishy taste and a great value

    These softgels are better than others because I have yet to experience any fishy taste after taking them. Sometimes, that’s what keeps me from taking my fish oil but now I don’t have to worry about it! These are enterically coated so I imagine that’s why they don’t give you that disgusting fish taste. I also truly believe that the value is apparent because this will last you about 3 months, so I don’t know of any quality supplements that you can get for less. I was able to get these at a promotional price in order to test and review and I have definitely found a quality product.


  5. Five Stars



  6. Four Stars

    Works for me.

    Emil I. Bohach

  7. Four Stars

    I still get a subtle “aftertaste” of fish, but it is noticeable diminished compared to other brands.

    Bill Something

  8. From: Vivian P.

    Fish Oil Omega 3 Doctors & Scientists Are Saying Omega 3 fish oil pills may help with many areas of your health without any side effects.Health Benefits fish oil omega 3 May Help With:The product description listed a number of things I am looking for in a fish, which I take daily. I switched to this brand when it was time for me to replenish my supply. I am looking forward to seeing good things happen as listed in the product description.- Heart Health like heart attack, stroke, coronary heart disease, arrhythmia- Brain Health (cognitive decline, dementia, and Alzheimers)- Inflammation & Joints – stiffness & joint pain from osteo & rheumatoid arthritis, symptoms of asthma & pneumonia- Depression & Mood – reduction of depression, suicidal thoughts, & daily stresses- skin disorders like acne & psoriasis, wrinkle formation & chronological ageing!I did not give 5 stars because I have only been taking it for approximately 2 weeks. My joints feel good so far. I will update this at a later date.Vivian P.

    Viv P.

  9. … there is no fishy aftertaste because I do not like fish so this makes it easier for me to …

    it gives me the right amount have a mega three that I need and there is no fishy aftertaste because I do not like fish so this makes it easier for me to get my Omega 3. Thank you


  10. I was looking for a fish oil pill that was …

    I was looking for a fish oil pill that was a triglyceride that digested in the intestines instead of the stomach. No fish burps or taste! Even though they are large pills, I had no problem getting them down. Georgia L.

    Georgia Larson

  11. Five Stars

    good stuff!

    Brian Ruby

  12. Four Stars



  13. Good Product

    I did some Web research on effective Omega 3 supplements and this one was recommended. So far I am happy with it – there is no aftertaste as described.


  14. meh, can’t tell if it’s doing me any good, maybe I should try cocoa powder next.

    I can’t really tell if this item works for me or not, but I’ve been taking it since so many people leave rave reviews for fish oil.All I know is this item is supposed to be good for me – reducing the chance of cardiovascular disease and inflammation.I kinda disagree with the fish-burp statement found on the label. On some occasions I CAN taste the fishiness. That aside, the gel caps themselves smell/taste somewhat like mold. I don’t see any visible signs of product spoil, so I hope that’s just part of the manufacturing process.Once my bottle runs out I will order another one for comparison.


  15. Four Stars

    Good ones, bit if ttaken with empty stomach will burp fish, didnt feel anything while taking them


  16. Best fish oil!

    Great product! No fish burps and I feel great.Fast shipping too!

    One person found this helpful

    Barb Lampin

  17. Five Stars

    This came in a timely fashion and seems to be working well in after the first few days!

    One person found this helpful


  18. A few eeks after starting taking them my severe severe severe depression got a million times better. Thank you

    I don’t care if it is the placebo effect or real. A few eeks after starting taking them my severe severe severe depression got a million times better. Thank you, God, for these.

    claire bear

  19. Five Stars

    The product decription indicates it has the function to improve children’s eyesight, this is the main reason I bought it. So I chose it among many of the similar products. And my kid takes two times a day, since it has not been a while since my kid started to take it, the effect is not that obvious, but the kid said her eyesight is clearer a little bit after long time reading.WeiweiS

    One person found this helpful

    Weiwei S.

  20. Good quality product.

    Capsules do not stick together. No taste or burping taste.

    Amazon Customer

  21. 1300 mg per capsule

    Be warned each capsule is 1300 mg. Their claim to no fish burps is accurate though.

    One person found this helpful

    Kenneth Pricer

  22. Great product

    I have found this to be an excellent product. It arrived quickly and was well packaged. Most importantly, it definitely improves muscle and joint pain. You may need to use for a short while before noticing the improvement. This will be a repeat purchase for both myself and my husband.

    Donna S.

  23. Whether it is the power of suggestion or fact – …

    Whether it is the power of suggestion or fact – it works for me! My mind feels clearer and quicker.

    karen fredhoff

  24. works great with no fish belch.

    works great with no fish belch.

    RLV Texas

  25. Great, exactly what you would expect.

    As a disclaimer, Island’s Miracle had a promotion where you could buy this product for $1 if you left a review (which is what this is).The product is exactly as described. Although it does have a slight fish smell, it neither affects my breath or causes me to belch fishy smells. It comes with enough pills for 90 days (2/day) and the pills are soft gel and a little big. Obviously it’s hard to rate the product beyond that since you don’t feel magically different the next day after taking them, but, assuming they are legitimate, the product is great if you want to consume Omega 3 fatty acids in a convenient manner.

    Austin Salgat

  26. Five Stars

    Great product, great quality… Minor fishy burps, but that’s kind of expected when taking such potency.


  27. foul fish aftertaste othewise 5 stars

    Terrible fish after taste even it states it wont

    Alexander Holsteinson

  28. Amazing! I can feel the difference using this fish …

    Amazing! I can feel the difference using this fish oil…The increased potency does make a difference in how I feel. I recommend this product!

    johanna Neville

  29. No fish aftertaste

    I have tried other fish oil capsules before and always got that nasty fish burp taste. That always caused me to not want to take fish oil but with this product I have not gotten such effect. It is made with lemon juice so that you don’t get that aftertaste/burp. Plus I love that it is made with the best quality of fish and has a stronger potency. If you’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle try these and feel the difference.


  30. ***** Five stars

    Excellent product. The suppliers delivered the package properly and due time. My score to Ultra Omega 3 is 10 out of 10.

    Nafez Abu-Adiya

  31. I love that there is NO fishy taste or after taste …

    I started taking the Omega 3 because of my elevated Triglycerides. I have been on it for a month and take 3 every night. Since I started I feel more energized and more focused. I love that there is NO fishy taste or after taste at all. I highly recommend it.

    Amazon Customer

  32. Five Stars

    Best one on the market. No fishy taste or fish burps either.


  33. the packaging was in good condition and the product is what I expected

    Arrived in time, the packaging was in good condition and the product is what I expected. Definitely no “fish oil burps”! Thanks!Bobby M.

    Bobby & Lissy Mathews

  34. like the product

    There is no aftertaste or burping


  35. Great supplement and no bad aftertaste!

    This is a great supplement. It doesn’t really seem to have a fishy aftertaste and if you are prone to burping fish oil, like I am, these don’t have a bad taste. The company seems to stand behind their product and reached out to make sure I was satisfied with the product. Try them out, you won’t be disappointed!

    Phil D

  36. Very good product for eye, joint and heart health. P Colby

    I really like the product, easy to swallow; only one pill a day; no fishy taste or “after smell” and i will buy it again. My doctor recommended I take fish oil to help with dry eyes and to support joint and heart health. This product does all three, is reasonable to purchase and I will recommend it to others.


  37. It’s so important for all of us to be taking …

    It’s so important for all of us to be taking Omega 3s. I am trying to take each day and be healthier and healthier. Anything I can do to help lessen my chances for a heart event!

    3 people found this helpful

    Tammie E.

  38. Good product.

    I purchased this product because I found it to be the best deal in terms of price and content of Fatty Acids (FA). I asked for a free sample but they told me they don’t offer free samples, which is odd because I read in other reviews that they had received them. Anyway, this is my honest review.1- the company claims that the content is 2600mg of FA, whereas the content is 1640mg (860+650+130) which is similar to a few on the market like joovio (1760mg 884+654+242), however this one is cheaper 17cents/sofgel (34cents/day) as opposed to joovio 21cents/softgel (42cents/day). However, the price per mg of FA is the same for both products, around 0.02cents/mg of FA. I personally believe that you don’t need an extra 130mg per day, so I still believe that this product is the best deal out there.2- fish burps: this appears to be an issue for a lot of people. It is not for me as I love fish and seafood. I noticed that if you take any kind of softgel after eating a meal, you will get the burps, however, you won’t get those if you take it 10 minutes before a meal or even during the meal. If you are a person who burps a lot like me, for whatever reason, you will still get those.3- health benefits: No doubt about this. plenty of research out there supporting this. 2 sofgels per day are more than enough4- would I recommend this product? Absolutely.5- so why not 5 stars? my order came late and I missed a few days, however, I am not sure if it’s the company’s fault of Amazon’s. The other reason is the misleading label of 2600mg of total fish oil, whereas only 1640mg of FA is reported. I asked a question on Amazon for clarification from the company but I didn’t get an answer.hope this helps.Nordine B.

    5 people found this helpful

    Nordine Benhaga

  39. Hope I don’t have to spend all day Saturday with these awful tasting fish burps!

    Awful fish burps started about thirty minutes after I took it. This is awful!

    2 people found this helpful


  40. great product!

    I was skeptical about fish oil that would not give you that fishy burp taste. But this one does what it says. I really like this product and will buy again.

    Pamela N

  41. almost….

    almost as expected. mostly there is on “fishy” burps. And most days there is not. the days I don’t eat before taking it there is a wee bit of “fishy”-ness.


  42. Excellent Fish Oil Pill

    great product no fishy taste Easy on stomach

    Billy Wayne Jenkins

  43. Five Stars

    i want this more and more

    Lonesa Grant

  44. Love the super high EPA and DHA!

    I have take Omega 3 fish oil for over 20 years and I always look for high EPA and DHA. This Ultra Omega 3 Fish Oil has the highest concentration of EPA and DHA that I have found. Great product.

    Amy Smith

  45. necessary for good health

    I use 2 capsules for myself and one to 2 capsules for my cocker spaniel dog every morning.


  46. Five Stars

    seems to work well

    Les Z

  47. Seems like a good product.

    So far so good. This is the strongest supplement I could find that contains the amount of EPA I was looking for. I’ve been taking it for a couple of weeks with no issues. I do get a couple of minor fishy burps about an hour after taking it, but then they go away. I don’t taste any lemon in the burps. More importantly, I give it to my 9 year old Great Dane who has a heart condition. The vet said that she needs 1500 mg of EPA a day. 3 of these a day is close enough. With the combination of this and the medications she’s taking, we hope that it will give her some more happy years.

    R. Cordosi

  48. Better health

    This was an amazing product to take for my cholesterol thank you!

    Sarah George

  49. Five Star Product!!!!!!!

    Great product! Arrived on time. Will purchase again and definitly recommend.Sincere thanks!Rebecca Schneider

    Rebecca Schneider

  50. Feeling good

    I am 85 years old and I have been going to the gym for 17 years. I do 2 1/2 miles, weights and yoga. I really feel the omega 3 has given me more endurance.


  51. New – For the Same Price as Before You Now Get a 60-Day Supply Instead of 90.

    Save the Planet – 180 smaller capsules in a smaller (child-sized?) bottle. Each capsule now with 305mg EPA rather than 430mg. Each capsule now with 210mg DHA rather than 325mg. This one-third reduction in key ingredients is fully documented in the fine print BUT NOWHERE ELSE. Is this not BAIT and SWITCH for those who subscribed to a bottle every 3 months?


  52. Island Miracle Fish Oil

    I liked the taste of the gel caps; they are easier swallow compared to other brands of fish oil pills. You receive 180 soft gels in a bottle. Delivery time was quick, I received my bottle the same week as I ordered it. Ninety servings per bottle, two pills per serving. My other fish oil supplement had 1,000 mg for 110 soft gels. I received more bang for my buck with this brand.

    4 people found this helpful


  53. 3000 not real

    3000 mg if you take 3 so whats the difference with others that 1000 mg when you take only 1…

    2 people found this helpful

    Jorge Gomez

  54. Five Stars

    loved it

    Cindy Reeder

  55. Great product

    The product has some of the highest omega 3 content for fish oil out there which is what you want. I could tell it actually put me in a better mood very shortly after I started taking it. It also has all of the mercury removed.

    Brian Cohen

  56. Thank You

    I try to eat healthy but even the best intentions can get off track. I use Ultra Omega 3 as a supplement. I am active and it helps with inflammation in my knees and I think it helps my metabolism, too. 1 nice side affect is that it helps me stay regular,as well. There are so many different supplements out there and I’ve tried most of them. This one works for me on many different levels. I recommend it.

    4 people found this helpful

    Billy Miller

  57. Very concentrated and pure

    Very concentrated amounts of DHA/EPA and pure, No fish taste or burps


  58. Good

    Can’t really talk about the quality (source, purity etc) but i do not get fishy aftertaste with this capsules. the bottle needs to be properly designed in that whenever i try to take 2 capsules by tilting, i get bunch of them. that’s the only complaint.-A S

    Amazon Customer

  59. Ultimate Fish Oil for high-dosage EPA in a smaller capsule

    I purchased this for my daughter who is supposed to take 2000mg/day EPA to counteract some negative potential consequences from a medication she takes. My other daughter and I are taking it too, now, for general health.This is the ULTIMATE fish oil if you want a high dose of EPA (which she needs). It has 860mg EPA and 650 DHA. And although they have more mg of fish oil, the pills are also smaller and easier to swallow than other fish oils we have used. So instead of 3 giant capsules a day, she takes 2 one day and 3 the next of these, and I get to listen to a lot fewer complaints. No fishy taste, no burps, no after-effects. I just wish I could subscribe to it.UPDATE: Silly me. The daily SERVING provides 860mg, but that is TWO capsules, so my daughter needs to take 5 one day and 4 the next of these. I will be looking for another product where she can take fewer capsules, although we do still like this one for the size, lack of fishiness, etc.


  60. Good Quality Product

    Great product so far. Good quality, no burps or fish taste and a good price too.


  61. but are easy to swallow and have no fish taste

    I have just started your Omega 3 fish oil. The capsules are big, but are easy to swallow and have no fish taste. I have a 3 month supply and will give a better review when I see how well they are working. These seem to be the highest quantity of omega 3 that I could find on the internet at a very good price.donb


  62. Five Stars

    Good quality product!

    Adam G.

  63. Four Stars

    It feels great but I have gross fishy burps :/


  64. Five Stars

    I am quite pleased with this purchase and would gladly recommend this seller!


  65. Five Stars

    Very pleased.


  66. Five Stars

    Great product


  67. Yes fish burps…

    This fish oil may live up most of it’s claims, but my wife and I both definitely burp a fish taste when using this product, every time. So it just kind of makes us wonder how many of their other claims are true.

    One person found this helpful

    Art Nicklaus

  68. Five Stars

    Awesome product, very happy with the results.

    Joel Orihuela

  69. YMMV

    I like the higher dose, and the low price, but I feel like a seal that just ate a school of fish. Some people say they do not get the fish burps with this, but I certainly do. YMMV


  70. Excellent Value and Easy Swallowing

    I’ve been using this for about a month now, and have been very happy with the product. The capsules go down very easy and in my estimation are an excellent value. This is the first time that I have ordered any type of Omega 3 product so I can’t compare it to anything else, but I have to say that I will most certainly buy this one again. Jim W.


  71. Just as advertised with no fishy aftertaste

    I chose these omega 3 fish oils based upon the need for omegas with 2,000+ mg of fish oil. It has been working great so far, with no fishy breaths or burps.


  72. Five Stars

    No fish burps

    Richard Makkay

  73. High Quality

    The benefits of fish oil are well documented but what sets this product above others it is super high-quality and its potentacy. I have had issues with “fishy” burps with other brands but have not experienced it with this product. There is no reason not to recommend this product.


  74. Five Stars

    Seem very high quality. No after taste.

    Christina Hill

  75. Four Stars

    been taking for 2 weeks seems to be helping my joints


  76. Five Stars

    My husband loves this!

    R. Steaveson

  77. Five Stars

    No after taste.

    Amazon Customer

  78. best Omega 3 supplement on the market

    This product is absolutely wonderful! This is the only fish oil supplement that has not given me those disgusting fishy burps. I would highly recommend this quality supplement to anyoneJessica T


  79. Big pill – smell fish.

    The pills is big. When open the battle , I can smell fish. Besides that it may be a good one.But when it can do for me, I do not not know.

    One person found this helpful

    A. YU

  80. I tried this one to see if I would not …

    I tried this one to see if I would not get fish burps but needless to say, that is all I did all day. I am going back to my Vitality No Burp Fish oil. It does cost a bit more but I can guarantee no Fish Burps.

    lorie Elliott

  81. … have not personally tried this yet but it was recommended

    i have not personally tried this yet but it was recommended

    Fran Pletcher

  82. Island Miracle Fish Oil = No Fishy burps

    I recently ordered the Islands Miracle Omega 3 to help improve my cholesterol. I’m a few weeks away from my next blood test but the packaging and capsules including lemon oil are top notch which means no fishy burp smell. I’ll post again after my blood work up.

    Robert G Wells III

  83. The profuc is excellent and since I started taking it

    The profuc is excellent and since I started taking it, my cholesterol, along with diet and exercise has stabilized quite nicely. My doctor encourages me to stay on them!


  84. Easy on stomach.

    I chose this product because of it’s potentcy.It’s too early to tell it’s full effect on my system,I have been taking it for only one week.Will complete a review in one month.One thing I can say it is gentle on my stomach. Walter G.


  85. Five Stars

    Good big bottle. Cw

    Chris Weiss

  86. Very good product

    Clean, fresh product and fast service. I feel it reduces general body inflammation and improves blood lipid profile by raising HDL. Definitely recommend it.

    John J. Corkrey

  87. Nice service. Pray they will help me

    Nice service.Pray they will help me.Thanks.


  88. Great stuff

    Great stuff

    Bill S.


    A nice lady called me and reminded me to give this product a review. I think the product is fantastic although it says no fishy burps and I still get some. If the nice lady that called me is single and looking for marriage – feel free to call me back,

    Jason Rushmore

  90. Great purchase! Worth every penny!!

    I’ve done alot of research on what products to use for mine and my boyfriends vitamins, Ive found many that had fillers and inferior products all around, this one doesn’t!We’ve been taking this omega 3 fish oil daily for 180+ days now. I feel better with omega 3 than I have with my regular store brand fish oil. My hair is stronger and my nails don’t break as easy. I cant just give omega 3 the credit for that but I guarantee you it helped! I will continue to take Omega 3 fish oil. I really hope you do too!! Kelley S.

    Kelley Shaver

  91. Great product!

    Easy to take, with no fishy taste.


  92. I like the large dose pills so i dont have to …

    I take large doses of fish oil to help with inflammation and recovery from CrossFit intense workouts. I like the large dose pills so i dont have to swallow handfuls of them. I recieved exactly what I expected and no fish burps. I will buy again.

    Chad M

  93. Jury still out on these. They are HUGE and …

    Jury still out on these. They are HUGE and they want me to take 3 a day. Just don’t want to be bothered so much !

    Toni Weber

  94. I also did not want a product that would cause a poor aftertaste. This product with enteric coating proves to …

    The reason I chose this product was because of the quality of pharmaceutical grade triglycerides. I also did not want a product that would cause a poor aftertaste. This product with enteric coating proves to prevent that fishy aftertaste. Also love the fact that it is from USA and comes with a guarantee. Its been 2 weeks so far and hoping to see if this can decrease my serum trigycerides as well. So far very pleased

    5 people found this helpful

    Cheryl W

  95. Tasteless fish oil pill

    Been taking this for about three weeks and I will know exactly how this is working after my next doctor appointment. I have not tried taking this pill in the morning because I’m not sure if it will stay on my stomach or not so I take it at night before going to bed and I have to say that I have not burped once since taking this. So I will definitely continue taking this.


  96. Makes a great gift

    Staying healthy


  97. Terrible

    Terrible product…I get fishy burps every time I take it…false advertising do not buy

    Tino Velasquez

  98. awesome value

    great value!

    Rose Trevino

  99. I ordered this product because I was trying to find …

    I ordered this product because I was trying to find anything on the market that would allow me to take close to 3000mg as one capsule. Unfortunately, this did not fit the bill,as each one is 1400mg. That being said, there is a tiny fishy taste if you eat them on an empty stomach with morning vitamins. If I wait and take them on a full stomach after breakfast, I have no issues with that. Furthermore, my triglycerides, after being told this was the last option to lower them without pharmaceutical help, have dropped in half since I began the fish oil supplement. That is worth any other issues I have encountered.

    One person found this helpful

    Robert Jason Chenoweth

  100. It just seems like a good idea.

    Why did I buy this product in the first place?1) To improve my mood. Results. My mood improved.2) To reduce inflammation. Results. I experienced less inflammation.While I am unsure of all of the health effects this product has I am sure it reduces inflammation and improves my mood. If these are the only effects this product has it is still worth buying.

    alex p

  101. No Fishy Aftertaste

    No Fishy Aftertaste! This pill is easy to shallow and is a great fish oil supplement pill.


  102. great value

    Easy to swallow and great for your brain. I’m happy with the quantity as well!


  103. The good thing about this is

    The good thing about this is, not only did it arrive before expected, it is exactly as described. I’ve been taking this since it came and I can feel the difference already and there is no fishy aftertaste. I already know I’m going to order another bottle because my husband started taking it too. The 3 month supply in one bottle makes me a happy camper.

    12 people found this helpful

    Deborah D

  104. A Mandatory Supplement

    This product definitely deserves 5 stars. It is very good for the immune system. My family always get colds but as soon I started consuming it, I say bye bye to the colds. My sister tried it and her cold subsided. It has a higher DHA and EPA content in comparison to other brands. This is a must have supplement.Ruby S


  105. Great Product

    Great quality! Great quantity!


  106. I love this product

    It’s a very potent and effective fish oil that is available in the market. It’s also cheap. This will definitely lasts me a long time. I love this product, it delivers what it promises, and it came as advertised.


  107. Good product for Dry eyes with a lipid problem

    I use high strength Omega 3 fish oils for my dry eyes with Mebomian gland dysfunction, the glands under the lids that produce oils/lipids that prevent water evaporation. As per my ophthalmologist I need to take Omega 3s’ to improve my oil consistency. I pop three pills twice a day and I do feel much improvement with my dry eye symptoms with this formulation.Shipping was speedy since I don’t have prime account so you can rely on getting the product soon enough! Definitely a product I would use for a long time.Umer K


  108. Fishy burps

    It says burpless but it is NOT! Fishy fishy fishy ick

    One person found this helpful

    Andrew Elwell

  109. Five Stars

    Great product!

    Sam Grubbs

  110. Great!!!

    Great product. No fishy taste or burps. Just what I needed

    Janice Bly

  111. Would purchase again!

    Got these in the mail and am very pleased! Shipping was fast, the bottle was well protected in the box and the capsules themselves do not have a bad odor or taste.


  112. Easy to take

    Yes! ! ! No fishy aftertaste or birps. Easy to take, and after 3 weeks of taking this product, I am seeing results. It is everything you promised and more. I will be purchasing more when this supply runs out. Thanks ! ! !

    Susan Kemp

  113. Easy to Swallow and No Aftertaste – No kidding!

    The benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids has been well researched and documented in scientific and popular media. A diet high in fatty fish meat can provide the recommended daily intake of omega-3s, however that diet comes with the risk of increased consumption of contaminants that have made it into our oceans fish populations. The Islands Miracle Ultra Omega-3 Fish Oil supplement is a safe and convenient means I use to reach the recommended daily intake of these beneficial fatty acids. I take 3 softgels daily, or 1.5X serving size so I can achieve the daily dosage of DHA/EPA recommended by my doctor/nutritionist. Some other popular brands require 8-10 pills per day to reach the same dosage, so if shopping around, pay attention to the amount of omega-3s and pills per serving. You will find Islands Miracle Omega-3s will beat most if not all on a side by side cost per mg dosage comparison. On days when I actually eat fatty fish, I’ll skip the supplement. Even though they are large, I have found the softgels are easy to swallow, and, as the manufacturer claims, they have minimal to no aftertaste and absolutely no “fish burps”. The 180 softgel count bottle provides a convenient 2 – 3 month supply and great value too.

    4 people found this helpful

    Thomas G.

  114. I will continue to buy and use this product. Absolutely no fish burps and NO fish smell.

    This a wonderful product with absolutely no fish burps and NO fish smell. I keep them in my daily container with my other vitamins and medications and there is no fish odor whatsoever. And I have VERY sensitive olfactory senses so I certainly would know.The Capsule is larger than most, but very soft and very easy to swallow.The most important thing to mention is that 2 capsules provide a bit over your daily serving. I have noticed with all other products, on-line and in the stores, that 2 capsules provide 1,200 mg. (at best), not quite enough per day.180 capsules will last you 90 days and that is a great deal. I will continue to buy and use this product.

    Rob Tarkley

  115. Great Quality product

    This product is of great quality. I have used it with clinical formulas and they work great. Very high quality and no fish after taste for me

    One person found this helpful

    Leandro Pucci

  116. Great Product! Ill Be Back For More!

    Great packaging! The bottle was much larger than I expected! (Nice) I am very pleased with the product. No fishy aftertaste!


  117. … there is no fishy aftertaste because I do not like fish so this makes it easier for me to …

    it gives me the right amount have a mega three that I need and there is no fishy aftertaste because I do not like fish so this makes it easier for me to get my Omega 3. Thank you


  118. Five Stars

    As advertised

    Todd Jensen

  119. Five Stars


    One person found this helpful

    gary nicolosi

  120. Great product all around.

    Great product. No fishy after taste.easy to swallow capsules. When combined with my other vitamins it works out well. Thanks.


  121. very nice product!

    package receivedon time. very nice product!


  122. Five Stars

    Excellent product. No fishy aftertaste and higher content of DHA than most others.


  123. Will be ordering this again! ~ Rachel D.

    Very pleased with this important product. It’s better than any other Omega 3 products I’ve tried. Helpful to heal skin irritations and wounds from my gardening efforts and cutting back berry bushes.

    Reader of Truth

  124. NO Fish burps!!!

    I have HATED taking fish oil in the past, I could never find a brand that would not give me the dreaded fish burps.Until I found this brand!!! An hour after I take them, I’m just waiting for the awful after taste, and it never happens.I will keep on buying them!

    Stephanie S

  125. Good For My Health!

    Read up on this & finally found a product that is pure & affordable. Git to researching what I was buying at WalMart & realized that is was wasting money.

    Pete Y.

  126. Works for me

    My doctor recommended to me that I take a high dosage of fish oil supplement in my daily diet. This product fills that need for me. I am quite pleased with the no fish burp and the pricing of this product. Of course I will purchase again as the need arises.


  127. Excellent product

    Love these fish oil caps.

    theresa cruickshank

  128. My only source of Omega 3’s!

    Highest DHA and EPA fish oil available. You get the best bang for your buck here. Awesome results!

    Luca G

  129. No fish burps….

    Easy to swallow, no fish burps. Only been a week since I started taking them, but so far so good.

    J. Blum

  130. Four Stars

    Very good product. using it almost everyday.. not bad tasting if you dont like fish oils..

    william nobiling

  131. No fish burps – a BIG PLUS in my book!

    I rely on proper diet, proper diet, healthy living and supplements, to ensure that I am on top of my health. I had problems with diabetes in the past and while I was able to reverse that condition by being on a strict low carb diet, I still have minor problems as far as my cholesterol and blood pressure goes. My internist suggested that I add Fish Oil to the list of natural supplements that I take, as it can help promote healthy cholesterol levels and blood pressure. I have been taking it for years and lately, I have been loving this particular brand after trying it because I don’t have to deal with “fish burps”. I will never stop taking this supplement but I love the fact that I was able to find a brand that lives up to the “no fish burp” promise. I also get quality ingredients with every bottle of Island’s Miracle Fish Oil. Two thumbs up for this supplement!I received one or more of the products mentioned above for review purposes. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for others. I refuse to review or endorse products that I have not or will not personally try. Needless to say, I may be a product reviewer but my thoughts are real and none of the things I say on my reviews are made up or fake – they are all based on my experience/s with whatever product I am reviewing. I’m just a regular consumer and I appreciate reading and giving honest feedback about products that regular people like me use on a daily basis or consider buying. My views and opinions are from a customer/end user’s standpoint.


  132. Five Stars

    Helps with aches and pains, Philip M

    Philip Merritt

  133. Great value for money!

    This Fish Oil Omega 3 supplement is a great value for money! With a huge bottle of 180 pills, you have 6 month supply for a less than 5 dollars a month! The quality is great, I love the added lemon oil for flavor and it has the highest potency of Omega 3 than other supplement brands! Highly recommend it!


  134. So far I am happy with the results and have no complaints

    I purchased this product because it is a higher potency for less money than my usual brand. So far I am happy with the results and have no complaints.

    Patrick W Moyes

  135. kim c

    Works well…no fish burps.

    kim cotter

  136. Five Stars

    Excellent, no fish taste.


  137. Love the fact it is higher in DHA which is …

    Love the fact it is higher in DHA which is more important for our bodies than EPA which most fish oils contain. Never tastes fishy and I truly believe it has relieved my joints.


  138. Five Stars

    I love this supplement. I feels good after taking it for 2 weeks.


  139. One Star

    still have the fish burp, is there any company out there that don’t repeat on you,

    One person found this helpful

    Matthew Augello

  140. Five Stars

    my cholesterol levels have dropped considerably. i have to take 8 pills a day!!!!

    cheri kushner

  141. Five Stars

    Truly is a burpless Fish oil product…..


  142. Five Stars

    It is a very good product


  143. This is great!

    I’ve taken quite a few different brands of fish oil in my life and I have to say, this one hands down, is the best. Very easy to swallow, and best of all, no fishy aftertaste or fishy burps. Fish oil is great for many different things. I suffer from depression and since taking these, I’m starting to feel better. I know it sounds crazy, but I kind of feel more alive and alert. I only have positve things to say about this brand. Love it and highly recommend fish oil to everybody.

    D. Blackburn

  144. Five Stars

    Works as stated by seller. No taste or after taste at all! No fish burps.


  145. I love these fish oil pills and like that I only …

    I love these fish oil pills and like that I only have to take 3 pills to get the desired amount of mg’s…..

    Cheryl Dorman

  146. Awesome Product!

    This fish oil supplement is awesome. Not only is it high quality you get a large quantity. It was shipped fast and in great shape. I was surprised that it did not upset my stomach. I have tried several brands and this is the first one that does not upset me at all. I would purchase again and would recommend this to anyone looking for a great fish oil omega 3 product.


  147. I like this: )

    I have to say this must, it works because I’m over 50 and I been have alot of pain in my joints and since I been taking Omega fish oil some of my pains has started going away. I like this 🙂

    Jeffrey G.

  148. Gets the job done, I take in the morning …

    Gets the job done, I take in the morning and haven’t had any issues with an after taste. Will definitely order more.


  149. High Potency

    This is beneficial.


  150. This is a good quality fish oil

    This is a good quality fish oil. It is slightly more potent than the fish oil I get from Walmart so I only have to take two instead of three. I didn’t always have fishy burps with my previous brand but I did get them and so far have not with this product.

    Lora Dameron

  151. Great Product

    I give this to my dog everyday. It cures the dry itchy condition some breeds are prone too. I give it to her with teaspoon of peanut butter.

    Timothy D. Hurley

  152. My heart thanks you!

    My doctor says I need to take fish oil. I’ve tried several brands and I just really have not been able to tolerate taking any on a regular basis. This one is different! There truly is no fishy taste or the classic fish burps! Winner all the way around.

    Leanne Toohey

  153. No bad aftertaste

    I have been taking the Omega 3 pills for a little over a week. When I first opened them I was like oh my god these are some huge pills. I was very surprised at how easily they went down seeing how big they were. So far I am loving these. No bad aftertaste like I have had with previous ones. Plus you get a higer potency of fish oil. Once I finished this bottle I will definetly order another.

    Amazon Customer

  154. Good product!!

    I get these for my dog, she likes them and doesn’t smell fishy!!


  155. Super fast shipping

    Super fast shipping. And great quality product. No fishy burps/aftertaste. If you’re looking to increase your Omega3s this will do it. Also it is a 3 month supply so that works out to about 8.50$ a month. Kind of tricky to compare all the supplements out there but given it’s potency, that is more than reasonable.


  156. Five Stars

    No fishy blow back. The gel caps are large so if you have trouble swallowing pills, beware.


  157. … I still burp fish taste but it’s not too bad that makes me want to quit taking it

    Well I have to say I still burp fish taste but it’s not too bad that makes me want to quit taking it. It’s still better than most!!

    Karen Hunter

  158. No fishy taste, no fishy burps. I have …

    No fishy taste, no fishy burps. I have been taking them to see if they will help lower my cholesterol in conjunction with my prescribed medication so that I can reduce or hopefully eliminate the medication.

    One person found this helpful

    Arthur Mazeau

  159. (I have to admit ~ I love that part as well

    I bought this for my husband. He really loves it. It doesn’t leave that “fishy after taste”. (I have to admit ~ I love that part as well!). You won’t be sorry. This is a high quality product!


  160. Great product

    Excellent product. I have been taking and it helps with my mood and muscle stiffness. Also have been giving 2 my 13 year old son who has bad acne and his face has cleared up. This product is amazing. The most EPA and DHA I have found per capsule.


  161. As advertised……

    I was searching for an Omega 3 fish oil with the highest levels of EPA and DHA available.Island’s Miracle was the highest. Amazon makes it easy to shop and compare. There is no fishy aftertaste or fish burps. So far I am happy with the results and have no complaints.

    Eric S.

  162. Five Stars

    No fish smell which is an excellent thing to experience. highest Omega-3 im taking daily. I really liked it.

    Ronnie Nacis

  163. Pleased

    Love the no fish burps or after taste. I definitely need to eat with a meal or I get a little nauseous, but it may be just me as I’m like that with all fish oil. So far so good though!


  164. I really like the Islands Miracle fish oil capsules because they contain …

    I really like the Islands Miracle fish oil capsules because they contain the amount of EPA and DHA omega 3 that I was looking for. I have looked at several different products in the past and the Islands Miracle has the just the right balance of certified/tested omega 3 in a capsule that is reasonably priced. I would highly recommend these to anyone wishing to get more omega 3 in their diet.

    Jodi P

  165. Fishy Burps

    I really wish this would have been better. It says burp-less, but it’s not. I’m having the fish burps as we speak… going back to the other pills.

    Dawn B

  166. Five Stars

    No fishy smell and easy to swallow.


  167. Island’s Miracle Ultra Omega 3 Fish Oil

    Ultra Omega 3 Fish Oil is a supplement. Your body needs Omega 3 for so many needs. It is good for diabetes, mood disorders and heart health. I recommend this product.

    One person found this helpful

    CoCo’s Mom

  168. … I give it to my dogs but it seems like good ingredients at a fair price

    I r ally don’t know since I give it to my dogs but it seems like good ingredients at a fair price.


  169. I have just started taking this product so I do …

    I have just started taking this product so I do not yet know if it is helping my cholesterol levels, but I have had no Fish Burps, aftertaste or any other side effects.

    Dan Peverill

  170. Very disappointed. The formula

    I rarely leave reviews since most products fall within the range of expected, but I just received my new autoship. Very disappointed. The formula, bottle shape and capsule have all changed. What was a 90 day supply is now 60; you have to take 3 capsules and not two. I just opened the bottle and took my first serving…I have been burping fish all morning, which never occurred before. I am going to try to send it back and will not order again.

    4 people found this helpful

    Amazon Customer

  171. Love the fact it is higher in DHA which is …

    Love the fact it is higher in DHA which is more important for our bodies than EPA which most fish oils contain. Never tastes fishy and I truly believe it has relieved my joints.


  172. Nice Stuff

    Best Omega 3 Fish oil market.

    Ranks M

  173. Finally found a brand that my family loves

    I have searched for a fish oil pill my who family would take that didnt have the fishy aftertaste. This is the winner!! No complaints from my teenagers!

    Lisa T.

  174. As Advertised

    As advertised! Great Product

    Joshua A. Schermer

  175. Five Stars

    Definitely a good product. Easy to swallow. Taking two twice daily. Can’t tell the effects. Will buy again.


  176. Easy

    Way swallowed

    Amazon Customer

  177. I love this fish oil

    I love this fish oil, doesn’t leave any fishy smell, etc. I know when I’m taking this I know it’s a great product especially only having to take 1 a day instead of 3 times a day. Would recommend this.packaging was good and shipping was on time.


  178. High quality! Great stuff

    I love this stuff! I am fish oil kinda person so this is very good quality there is no after taste or smell. I can see my skin loves it especially in the summer its much needed in AZ! The quality of this product is so much better then the cheaper brand I bought I will not make that mistake again!


  179. The 3000mg dose requires taking 3 capsules, not one, so it is not very concentrated.

    Advertising is unclear, possibly deceptive or false, in that the “ultra strength” requires 3 capsules. There are 180 capsules, so there are only 60 doses per bottle.

    Thomas O.

  180. Great quality at a great price

    I was pleasantly surprised at this high quality Omega 3 fish oil at a very good price point. I ordered two bottles and am very happy with the quality of the fish oil pills and the amount that I am getting. I take 3 every day with food for a dose recommended by several nutrition experts and trainers. I haven’t been taking them that long, but am noticing some subtle changes to my skin and muscle recovery after exercise. In time I hope to enjoy more benefits from taking these every day. This is one of the best deals I’ve found for this high grade fish oil.

    Daniel Russo


    YAY NO FISHY BURPS! My husband and I both take this and we live the quality and the fact that that they hold up to their promise.


  182. Five Stars

    Very good fish oil.


  183. Omega3

    The capsules are smaller than most omega 3 that I have taken, I don’t notice any aftertaste, would recommend these to someone.

    Amazon Customer

  184. … start using fish oil and this one had the best reviews so I gave it a try

    I needed to start using fish oil and this one had the best reviews so I gave it a try. Absolutly NO fish taste after taking, unlike many other products I have tried in the past. I recommend this Oil.

    Jessica Wolf

  185. Great product

    Great product, good quality and great customer service and follow.JC

    J. Cohen

  186. Five Stars

    Works as advertised


  187. Good Quality Omega 3 Fish Oil

    Fast delivery and everything was perfect with the product. If you follow the directions and eat something right after taking the pills, there is no or minimal fish burps! I’ll happily order again from Islands Miracle.James A.

    Bowser NYC

  188. Omega 3 is great for focusing

    Great Fish Oil that has no terrible smell of the fish. My girs can sallow them with no problem, good for focusing on their school work.


  189. I take them daily now and I am so happy to be helping my heart

    As I have gotten older I have become more concerned with heart health, lowering cholesterol, and taking measures to prevent a heart attack or other health issues. I have always wanted to try a fish oil supplement. I tried one once a long time ago and it had a fishy, unpleasant aftertaste. I had kind of gave up on it. I thought all fish oil supplements would be that way. Then recently I started taking Island’s Miracle Omega 3 Fish Oil. I was very hesitant to try them. They have added lemon oil which helps neutralize the fishy taste. Surprisingly it actually works. I have had no aftertaste at all. I take them daily now and I am so happy to be helping my heart.This is an excellent supplement. I like the high quality ingredients and the great health benefits. I can get Omega Oils which are really good for my body without having to eat fish or other foods containing Omega 3 all the time. It has helped lower my cholesterol and also is keeping my heart healthy. I am so happy with this supplement.I received this product to try for free in exchange for an honest, unbiased product review. All opinions expressed are truly my own.

    One person found this helpful


  190. Still fishy burps

    Got the order on time. I bought this product because it appeared to be highly rated. It said it had a coating and lemon to prevent fishy burps. The first day I took them with breakfast and had fish burps all morning until after lunch. It was disgusting. The second day I tried taking them with dinner and didn’t seem to have a problem. I’m going to try various times or maybe taking one pill twice a day. Yuck.


  191. Four Stars

    I still get a subtle “aftertaste” of fish, but it is noticeable diminished compared to other brands.

    Bill Something

  192. Just as advertised!

    I have been taking this product for only two weeks so it’s a bit soon to determine health benefits but I do love, love, love that the capsules do not taste or smell like fish. I’ve also had no fishy aftertaste so I’m very happy with a product that I, frankly, was dreading!

    Amazon Customer

  193. capsules to top of container.

    Had to work at coaxing caps from container.all stuck together..mtook over 39 min. Put into different container . Not sure if this will helpI will get Nordic next time

    Be not the first

  194. Five Stars

    Perfect for so many things.

    Amazon Customer

  195. Ok so far.

    Too early to tell if it’s had the effect desired. Only been on the product two months.

    Bridget B

  196. Can’t hurt and might improve your health

    Can’t say they make me do cartwheels but the more supplements you take the better your chances are for good health.


  197. Easy to swallow

    They work well. No fishy after taste. Capsule are easy to swallow. When combined with the rest of my vitamin regimen I feel great. I would definitely recommend to everyone. Definitely a product to put on the reorder list.


  198. Great product!

    Great product! No aftertaste.

    Lana M

  199. in good condition. No funky after taste/breath

    Arrived fast, in good condition. No funky after taste/breath. Just what I was looking for.

    Jon G.

  200. Five Stars

    This is a great product with no fishy aftertaste.

    Collin B.

  201. Extremely pleased! Highest EPA/DHA around

    Extremely pleased! Highest EPA/DHA around. Would recommend to anyone looking for a top Omega 3 Fish Oil. Best of all – Made in America.

    Joe M. Garcia

  202. Fish oil

    I have taken fish oil for years. I love this particular brand because of the lemon. No fish burps as it says in its advertising. I have experienced this with other brands and it’s embarrassing. This works well!

    just me

  203. Best value

    Love this fish oil. Best value I have found!

    Loves Amazon

  204. Satisfied Customer

    This product is indeed easy to swallow and does not have an after taste. I would recommend this product.


  205. Five Stars

    My doctor is very pleased with my choice. Two a day is all it takes.

    Diamond lil

  206. Five Stars

    The product is very satisfying and good

    Sijune Park

  207. Excellent product 🙂

    Great product. My grandmother loves it. – Matthew H