• Known As The “Sunshine Vitamin”, Vitamin D Gummy helps maintain strong bones & Teeth
  • Daily Intake Of Vitamin D3 Gummies 5000 IU Is Essential to Develop A Healthy Immune system, build muscle, and boost energy
  • Made From Cholecalciferol These D3 Vitamin 5000 IU Gummies Provide Exactly The Same Vitamin D Your Body Produces With Exposure To The Sun
  • Only 1 Yummy D3 Gummy Per Day Gives Your Full D3 Vitamin 5000 IU Daily Recommended Dose
  • No More “Icky” Vitamin D3 5000 IU Softgels or Capsules to Force the Family To Take – Everyone Loves This Tasty Chewable Vitamin D3 Gummy So It Is “Easy Peasy” To Get Everyone Their Daily Dose Of Vitamin D3 5000 IU

HEALTHY BONES, IMMUNE SUPPORT, MUSCLE FUNCTION – Vita Miracle Vitamin D3 Gummies comes in 1 tasty Strawberry flavored gummy that everyone just raves about. Get you full daily dose of Vitamin D3 5000 IU in the gummy form to increase absorption & non-GMO ingredients mean you are getting the best there is!

OUR CUSTOM FORMULA VITAMIN D DELIVERS RESULTS – Our custom formula offers the same biological form of D vitamin produced by the body when it is exposed to the sun. You get the benefits of vitamin D 3 without the downsides that come with overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) light. MADE IN THE USA IN cGMP FACILITIES – Our vitamin D3 5000 IU is free from wheat, dairy, egg, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, and shellfish. No preservatives or artificial ingredients.



Vitamin D3 is synthesized when skin is exposed to ultraviolet B rays. Studies have shown that most people do not get the recommended amount from sunlight alone. In fact, the Mayo Clinic believes 25-50% of the population may be vitamin D deficient. Vita Miracle Vitamin D3 5000 IU delivers the same biologically active form of vitamin D produced in the body but without the downsides of overexposure to Ultra Violet rays.



Bone pain and brittleness, muscle weakness, and tiredness can all indicate a deficiency in vitamin D. People who may be at higher risk for deficiency include those who spend a lot of time indoors, have darker skin pigmentation, are elderly, or overweight. Vitamin D3 Gummies can help grow strong bones, develop a healthy immune system, and build muscle.



Most of the competition offers Vitamin D 1000 IU or Vitamin D 2000 IU. Less mess than a vitamin D3 liquid or vitamin D3 drop, our Gummies small and taste amazingly great. Don’t let its small size fool you, it is packed with a high potency 5000 IU Vitamin D3 in just 1 Gummy per day. These tasty gummies are Gluten-free and dairy-free. Sourced from lanolin. All ingredients derived from non-GMO production. Also contains NO: Eggs, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Fish, Shellfish, Wheat, Rice, Soy or Artificial Ingredients.

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  1. Flavor is ok

    This is a fair flavor. I think it is suppose to be raspberry. It doesn’t taste bad but it isn’t like eating candy. The gummies are firm but not too hard. They aren’t sticky and they aren’t sugar coated. Overall if you need this supplement you may like this one.

    Lisa S

  2. Flavor is ok…

    These vitamin D3 gummies are easy to chew but.. I don’t care for the flavor.. my husband liked it but I didn’t 😢


  3. Better taste than other Vegan gummies

    I was surprised by the gummy bear like texture and taste with these gummies. Normally, vegan gummies are harder and denser than animal based gelatin gummies. That is not the case with these. My 9yo and 10yo both like the taste and that they are easy to chew. I liked that the 5000 iu dose is in only one gummy so you get 60 doses instead of just a 30 day supply. I would rank these on the higher end of vitamin supplements based on quality and freshness.

    Reed T.

  4. Tastes good!

    These taste pretty good and don’t have a weird aftertaste. The shape is kind of generic berry-ish and the flavor is somewhere between raspberry and strawberry.Some gummy vitamins require you to take 2-4 of them per serving, but the serving size on these is 1 gummy which makes this bottle of 60 a pretty good value.


  5. High Dose Vitamin D3

    Dose is ONE gummie – 20 cents each.For many, this would be far more than you normally would need, especially in summer months.Talk to your doctor before taking such a lot of Vitamin D.This is in a type 1 clear plastic bottle with a push and turn safety lid.while there is tamper resistant plastic, it barely covers the lid. The one I got was easy to open without damaging the seal … others may get a better and more easily damaged one.inner seal is plastic and foilSmell is kind of veggieI would not call the flavor strawberry … but it reminds me of the sugar wax candies that were somewhat popular when I was a very little girl in the early 70s.FORMULATED in the USA

    4 Lil Lambs

  6. Vitamin D3 gummies

    I live in an area where it is overcast for much of the year, and my doctor recommends that I take supplemental Vitamin D. I’ve always used pills before, but honestly I have a terrible time with pills and find even the small Vitamin D3 pills to be difficult to take. When I realized they come in gummy form, I had to try it! The gummies are so much easier to take, which means I won’t be skipping days (or weeks) like I was before. They have a very slight gritty texture which isn’t ideal, but I have a sensory processing disorder so maybe I notice that more than most people would. The taste is good – raspberry I think? I definitely won’t have a problem using these up.


  7. Tasty D

    This is the best D I’ve ever had in my life! I live in a basement under a bridge but my mom tells me the sun is good for me… I told her science is way better! I can order all the D off the internet I can fit in my mouth

    Something Random

  8. Tastes good

    Tastes good which is always a plus for any vitamin!


  9. These taste yummy and they are cute

    These taste really super good and I have no problem taking one even if I don’t feel that great and have no appetite. There is absolutely no bad side effects at all and I’m very sensitive to everything. I need the vitamin D because I’m deficient so I feel that these are helping, especially my mood.


  10. Not candy but pretty good

    I love vitamin gummies. I don’t take enough when I just have pills. These aren’t bad, but they aren’t so good that I want to eat more than necessary. Kind of a funny aftertaste but not enough to make the experience wholly unpleasant.


  11. Great flavor and easy to chew

    On my last doctors appointment I had blood work and the results came back that I had a vitamin D3 deficiency, realizing that I can’t swallow pills to terribly well I knew I was going to be hard pressed to find something that worked. And anything liquid is going to make me nauseous I figured. Until I saw this I didn’t know that they made chewables for vitamin d3. I’m so thankful to have found this.The flavor is absolutely awesome and you only need to take one a day. This is a 60-day supply for me so it’s well worth the price. Unlike some gummies I’ve had in the past that are difficult to chew and stick to your teeth these melt right on away after chewing a little bit.Overall they taste great and I’m hoping that they help me with my vitamin D3 deficiency. If so I will not hesitate to purchase this again and again.

    Black Heart Stables

  12. Warning: Not For Children under (18)

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     Features:SoftTasty5,000 IUVitamin D3Gluten-free(60) day supplyStrawberry flavorFormulated in USAVegetarian formulaDoes not stick to teethDoes not have a sour tasteDoes not leave and aftertasteConsiderationsA bit of sodiumUnknown if caffeine-freeNo artificial sweetenersEach serving has (2) grams of added sugarLabel has a warning for adult use only, (18) years of age and overName brand recognition & trustVita Miracle (Vita) is a name brand we are not familiar with. We like name brand products. Why? Because name brand products have high quality standards and stand behind what they sell; that includes Vita. So, if there ever was a product issue, we can look to the makers to address our concerns. Plus, if we need additional products related to adult dietary supplements, we can look to Vita to possibly have what we need. Which brings us confidence in Vita products, including this Vitamin D3 dietary supplement.The Great DebateThe science is well known. Now whether there are health benefits using this product will not be outlined or debated here, as the reader can make that conclusion independently.Notwithstanding, this writer wanted to take advantage of those benefits we understand are associated with taking this supplement.Our solutionEnter Vita. The benefits of D3 are well known. Employing the power of D3, to take advantage of its benefits, through delivery by way of a gummy dietary supplement, was something we wanted to try. We wanted to see whether there was an advantage over the hard pills we had been giving. We think there is. The gummies were in the desired dosage we wanted to try and receiving a (60) count gummy supply, at their advertised cost presented, to us, good value.TasteThere are no unpleasant odors, rather a slightly pungent strawberry scent, likely from the natural strawberry used to flavor the gummy. Which, by the way, is very tasty, we liked it. There were no aftertastes from this supplement. No adult had tummy issues from taking these. They are a soft gummy texture, that did start to immediately break down, and we just did not have any noticeable residue when we finished.IngredientsThese are made with the following ingredients: Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Water, Pectin, Black Carrot (usually for color), Trisodium Citrate, Citric Acid, Natural Strawberry flavoring and Carnauba Wax.These are “not” fortified with any other vitamin or mineral.Bottom-Line & RatingWe would recommend these. However, we are going take off a star (so strong four (4) star rating) for the listing’s title repeatedly having noted these were for Kids, twice. Not the case, they are for adults. Yes, the listing had a picture of the label warning for adult use only, (18) years of age and over, however, we missed that. Being led to believe, from the listing, these also could be used for Kids (which to me, is a child well under (18) years of age.So, say goodbye to your swallowing a hard pill. These gummies are soft and flavorful, (they are like little jellies) and has the Vitamin D3 we think we need.These are small, as big as a dime is round and several nickels stacked high. We believe these will be helpful to our well-being. (60) gummies in an easy to open, but child-proof bottle. Worth a try.Always consult a healthcare professional prior to anyone taking a supplement.We hope our pics and thoughts help in any decision.


  13. Vitamin D

    These were bought as my others were out of stock and these taste amazing

    Janna Atwell

  14. Vitamin D gummies

    These Vitamin D gummies are ok. I don’t particularly like the taste or texture of these (was hoping they were more gummy) so I’ll likely stick with my swallow pills. However I know my older kids will gladly eat these as they love all kinds of gummy vitamins. Packaging is pretty standard – comes with a plastic wrap and a foil seal. I found it relatively easy to open so no problems there.


  15. Easy to chew for ur vitamin D intake

    Great taste. Will order more.

    Helios Family

  16. A Tasty Way to Get Some D

    Pretty tasty and pleasant to take. One a day and you get a mega-dose of D3, so you may want to consult your physician to confirm this is suitable for your specific needs and address evolving requirements over time. I’ll likely stick with HMB with D3 since I’m looking to improve and enhance muscle function and strength as well as get the necessary D3 in my diet, but this does seem to be a helpful supplement to those seeking a stressless way to simply boost and/or sustain a beneficial level of Vitamin D.

    A. Customer

  17. Good value

    Gummies that have a good taste and Formulated in the USA. 60 servings per container that had I nice protective seal.


  18. Yum!

    I’m always excited to take these. They literally melt in your mouth. So yummy and helps with energy levels and my migraines!

    Haley L.

  19. OK taste and you only have to eat 1!

    Tastes good, no weird texture, and just 1 every week keeps my Vitamin D level within range. Everyone needs extra D at this point, whether it’s because of COVID or just because we are shut-ins naturally—people just don’t go outside enough!I’m not really brand-loyal when it comes to D3 gummies, so I’ve tried several different kinds. This isn’t the absolute best in terms of taste/texture, but it’s fine and still delivers the dose I need at a reasonable price. This bottle lasts almost 3 months in our 3-person household.


  20. Delicious Gummies!

    I first learned about the need for Vitamin D3 when I was living in Portland, Oregon. At my first visit with a new doctor he learned I had moved frrom Georgia and he immediately put me on Vitamin D3 supplements because of the lack Sunshine?! Wow, no one had ever told me about this need!So, now that I am older and Retired I spend a lot more time inside.So I looked for a good source of D3 and found these gummies! I love the flavor, and I love being able to chew my vitamins! Just two a day and you’re getting 5000 iu of Vitamin D3!I think gummies are the best way to take medicine!♥️


  21. Tasty way to get your vitamins!

    When I first opened the bottle I was hit with a wonderful smell. I know they are strawberry flavored, but they smell just like raspberry jello mix. They taste like a strong strawberry flavor and are delicious. The texture isn’t exactly what I am used to in a gummy vitamin as ones I have tried in the past have been more chewy, this one is slightly more jelly like. I liked that the serving size is 1 vitamin, so it really feels like you are getting more for your money since most others the serving size is 2. Great vitamins!


  22. So tasty!

    These are so tasty! They’re gummy but more like a gum/spice drop than a gummy bear, so a bit sticky but easy to chew up and swallow. They’re the same potency as what my doctor recommended for vitamin D deficiency so I’m confident in the strength.


  23. This Vitamin D3 supplement is the second best only to nature!

    I could just stop and say it’s awesome because it is a yummy gummy but yes you are also getting Vitamin D3 which many people do not get enough of. Being a tasty gummy makes it easy to get the kids to chomp it down without a fuss. The small size as evidenced by the second photo also demonstrates it is also not too much. My only comment is that it is very sweet but for most of you that will certainly not be an issue. The best thing for me is that I do not get the heartburn that I may frequently get with certain vitamins and food items.


  24. Excellent



  25. good vitamins

    good taste and shape was extra chewy but easy to swallow overall good and will be added to my vitamin regimen


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