• 20 TIMES MORE EFFECTIVE THAN OTHER PROBIOTICS. The problem with tablets, pearls, and other capsules Probiotics is most die before they get to the small intestine where they do their work. That is why most of the Probiotics on the market are very inefficient. Our Probiotics feature unique stomach acid resistant DRCaps that increases the survivability 20x on average compared to other Probiotics
  • GUARANTEED POTENCY UNTIL EXPIRATION DATE – We guarantee that the strains will be alive and ready to go to work until expiration. If your brand doesn’t say it, they don’t guarantee it
  • MOST BRANDS HAVE 1 TO 5 STRAINS – IT HAS BEEN PROVEN IN SCIENTIFIC STUDIES THAT A WIDE RANGE OF PROBIOTIC STRAINS PROVIDE THE BEST RESULTS – So why would brands only have 1 to 5 strains when proof exists that a wide range of strains is BEST? – Its CHEAPER
  • DEVELOPED BY A LEADING NUTRITIONAL DOCTOR – Our leading edge probiotic capsules were Dr. formulated with the perfect combination of Strains and CFU’s to create the best probiotic supplements. Probiotics for women & men containing 15 strains including Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Lactobacillus Plantarum, Lactobacillus Paracasei & Bifidobacterium Lactis.
  • BOOSTS IMMUNE SYSTEM & IMPROVES DIGESTIVE HEALTH – This Best Probiotics Supplement replenishes the beneficial bacteria for optimal digestive and immune health. It promotes daily relief from allergies, bloating, gas, and constipation. It could improve your metabolism and may help you lose weight by accelerating fat loss

Customer's review (113)

  1. Reordering because I like them!

    I’ve taken these before and I’m reordering! They really help with digestion.

    Jeri A Bettis Rohus

  2. Good product

    Good value. Repeat customer.

    Kyle Kveton

  3. Great



  4. 70 billion!

    So far so good. I think its helping my stomach issues.

    Shannon H

  5. Easy

    Easy to take


  6. Great!

    So far so good

    Amazon Customer

  7. Excellent

    Good product and fast shipping


  8. Probiotics

    Seems to work fine.


  9. I will purchase these again

    I have been taking vitamins for many years and feel they help me remain healthy. I like these very much and will continue to purchase this product.

    One person found this helpful

    Kenneth W Bates

  10. Huge Fan

    I am a big fan of probiotics and love to sample around with new brands. Tried this for four days so far, and I absolutely love it. It is so effective. One of my favorites I’ve tried. No discomfort. I have a shellfish and soy allergy and it’s great that these are certified free of both. Hard to find with some vitamins. Producing some great results at bathroom time. I am very impressed with this item. Will definitely continue to purchase this product.

    Audrey L Frederick

  11. Probiotics

    These are the best probiotics I have found

    Crystal Warner

  12. Good product

    Ok product, good price. I prefer the live cultures at 80 billion personally, but good product!

    Debra C.

  13. Good probiotics

    Shipped fast. Looks like quality product. I like to rotate probiotics so I have tried many.

    jillian steele

  14. Good products

    One of the better probiotics on the market for the money.


  15. Amazing

    I have a leaky gut and these and a few other things are working miracles. I will continue to buy these. No more painful bloat.

    9 people found this helpful


  16. Nice product!

    Capsules were smaller and easy for my kids to swallow. Seems to work good as a digestive aid.


  17. Good probiotic

    Not quite as good as Klaire Labs, but works fine for much lower price.

    Nan K

  18. Good product and good value.

    Very easy to swallow and digest and seem to work very well.

    Joe hart

  19. Works great

    Took this for about one week, and then it started to straighten out my digestive tracts without extra aid

    One person found this helpful


  20. Great Probiotic

    Higher CFU count and more strains than most

    Dee K

  21. Better than the store bought varieties I have seen.

    Large quantities of a wide variety of ingredients.

    roger j.

  22. It works

    Love these..keeps my tummy and feminine parts balance! Lol 😂

    Stell Robert

  23. Easy to swallow

    Good for my gut. Definitely recommend this product.

    2 people found this helpful

    Sandra York

  24. Good product

    Works very well and as advertised.

    One person found this helpful


  25. great product

    I have had great luck with them


  26. This is a sham!!!

    Real probiotics must be individually wrapped

    7 people found this helpful


  27. Tried so many, and this one I think is best

    Almost everyone has periodic issues with their intestinal flora staying in balance. Over a great many years I have tried a multitude of brands and types of probiotics, and some ended up being not very effective. This one, so far, has proven to work best for me.


  28. Good product

    It works

    Tawana Williams

  29. Awesomeness

    Great product , taking two is really working

    Patricia A. Dake

  30. Great for all

    Easy to swallow capsules. No side effects experienced. Very high CFU

    2 people found this helpful


  31. Easy & Reliable way to get products.

    Easy & Reliable way to get products.


  32. Works

    very good and better than most


  33. It’s easy pill to swallow

    Weight lost

    Steve Puleo

  34. Easy to swallow

    Doesn’t upset my stomach . Keeps me regular


  35. Just Okay.

    Not the best probiotic I’ve used but not horrible either.

    One person found this helpful

    Lisa burke

  36. Probiotics

    Can’t wait to try these probiotics! I’ve heard of so many good benefits and I’ve heard great things about this brand.

    Kindle Customer

  37. Stomach feel great

    Helps be have regular bowl movements!!!

    Mauricia Dullano

  38. great product

    really like this probiotic

    Kathy C.

  39. Beneficial

    This is an easy supplement to use. I have colitis and had recent flair up.


  40. Great value for your money

    They are small and easy to swallow, I want to do what’s healthy for my body.

    Joy Caputi

  41. Nothing better

    After taking this one, I can’t feel better at all. I usually use other brands I should back I feel wast money

    One person found this helpful


  42. Tastes horrible

    Taste absolutely horrible. Not the best probiotic I have tried. Spend a little more for better quality.


  43. Best probiotic I have ever tried!

    I have had bowel issues for years. I had my gallbladder removed 12 years ago, and since then have had diarrhea multiple times per week all the time, along with lots of bloating and gas. I have tried several different probiotics, and none have seemed to help much. I started taking this one a few weeks ago and my issues have completely vanished. I am having regular, solid bowel movements. I no longer feel bloated, and have had very minimal gas. I took a trip last week, which usually makes me very nervous because I am always afraid the diarrhea will come and I am in the car with nowhere close to stop. I took a six hour car trip, and had no issues at all on the way or the way back. I wish I had tried this sooner! I highly recommend it.

    21 people found this helpful

    Amazon Customer

  44. HAPPY!


    One person found this helpful


  45. The stronger, the better.

    Definitely helps with constipation.

    One person found this helpful


  46. Easy enough to take. Time will tell

    These are easy to take. Unfortunately probiotics may not be the answer to my stomach issues. Need to take these longer to find out


  47. Good product

    Good product

    Annmarie Billingsley

  48. Great Deal

    Works great for my needs, small pills easy to swallow.

    Gordon L. Weiss

  49. It works good on your stomach and bloating

    The product is worth buying works well with the digestive system …

    Shavonia Davis

  50. It seems to work very well for me

    Digestive health

    Quana Strong

  51. Great probiotic!

    I need a probiotic… don’t we all, and this one seems high quality with 70 B CFU’s. I have repeated my order and will continue to purchase it!

    10 people found this helpful

    Dianne Priebe Brunsvold

  52. Nothing better

    After taking this one, I can’t feel better at all. I usually use other brands I should back I feel wast money

    One person found this helpful


  53. Better than I expected

    Better than I expected

    Reginald Jones

  54. Not taken

    I chose to discontinue these when I went on antibiotics for c- diff

    One person found this helpful

    sarah allen

  55. Great product

    Out of all the ones I’ve tried this one is the best!

    Jill Novosel

  56. Quality of the product

    I had a stomach problem for wuite sometime now, and i noticed that when i take probiotic everyday, i forget that i have a stomach problem until i ran out and stop taking. Now i cant live without.

    Anita Quinn

  57. probiotics

    happy with product performancd.


  58. Not sure what to think

    The bottle I received is a little sketchy. It appears that it may be a used bottleWith the label slapped on. It was sealed but just seems strange

    3 people found this helpful

    Kayla Rayne

  59. Mediocure

    This product is not as effective as Dr. Mercola probiotics. Although this product is cheaper, its not as effective.

    One person found this helpful

    Dr. Eddie Gordon

  60. Great!

    So far so good

    Amazon Customer

  61. Not sure what to think

    The bottle I received is a little sketchy. It appears that it may be a used bottleWith the label slapped on. It was sealed but just seems strange

    3 people found this helpful

    Kayla Rayne

  62. Worked better than other products I have used.

    Great product to enhance digestion & bowel movements!

    One person found this helpful

    Paul DiMassi

  63. This is a sham!!!

    Real probiotics must be individually wrapped

    7 people found this helpful


  64. Feel so much better.

    My stomach feels so much better. I feel like everything’s working together the way it’s supposed to. I don’t have to eat yogurt anymore which I don’t really like in order to keep my system in the condition it supposed to be in. I researched and this product seemed to be the one that would do the most for me and I really believe it has.

    8 people found this helpful


  65. Probiotics

    Love these

    Elaine Roberts

  66. Good probiotics

    I have been try so many different brands, those one are just perfect for me.

    Valerie Navarro

  67. Stomach

    Love them

    Pauline W.

  68. Superior Product

    This is a superior product at a fair price. It has multiple strains and significant amounts of C.F.U.s The capsules are easy to swallow and it doesn’t contain a lot of fillers. I researched probiotics before purchasing and this one gives you the most “bang for your buck.” I have repeatedly purchased this product and I have not received any incentive from Amazon or the manufacturer for my review.

    9 people found this helpful




    One person found this helpful

    adrienne j venditti

  70. Good!


    Alexander Pesin

  71. Recommend


    Corey B

  72. I’m a rotten bastard and these help

    With tooth Decay etc, I like probiotics for teeth great idea.


  73. Seemed like a fair price

    No real dislike or like neutral thoughts


  74. Health is my greatest asset

    I always feel better when I know I am giving myself better nutrition.


  75. It works!

    Great product! Works as advertised.

    Justin Morton

  76. Probiotics 70 billion CFU

    This is an exceptional product and I will order it again!it is great for my gut!

    Rochelle Perkins

  77. easy to swallow

    Small easy to swallow probiotic pills. Great supplement. Decent price.


  78. Work well for me

    A bit on the pricey side, for me, but this probiotic has been the most efficacious to me, that I have tried. I have tried many many probiotics, but this one has been worth my purchasing again and again.


  79. Works wonderfully

    My daughter’s ADHD medication had her a little backed up. She started taking one of these at the tsame time as her pill and BOOM! Clockwork #2s


  80. Didn’t do anything for me

    I didn’t notice any difference. I will stick with the cheap brands.


  81. It helps

    I used it for bloating. It seems to help. I had to ease my way into it starting with one capsule

    D. Anthony Golder

  82. Good product

    Good product

    mohamed mahmoud

  83. Great product because of the amount of stains

    They really do help with digestion for me

    One person found this helpful

    Raymond L Gibbs Jr

  84. Good product

    Good product

    Mike Kavka

  85. Nice

    Good product

    John H.

  86. Restores health

    Great to regulate your digestion and body flow…take them everyday

    Karen Jones

  87. Big dose, small capsule.

    I use probiotics to maintain a healthy bacterial balance in my gut. This product provides me with about 4X’s the dose I had been taking. Fewer pills.. I like it!


  88. Love that it is timed released

    Great probiotic. I love that it is timed released. I have had gastric bypass and this give more opportunity for it to be absorbed.

    One person found this helpful

    Dawn L.

  89. Formulation

    great formula for the price


  90. Digestive improvement

    These have been the best. I did have to take it down from two pills a day to one. While I was taking antibiotics, I took two, though. I’ve noticed an improvement in my digestive tract — no belching or bloating.

    Catherine Serrano

  91. Not sure the strength of the probiotics are what it said on the bottle

    So I bought this recently because I was running low on probiotics. I was expecting this brand to be potent due to the number of CFUs advertised, and my previous experiences with other products.Sadly, I was disappointed with the strength of these pills, they didn’t even compare to my usual brand (Probiotic 10 from Nature’s Bounty). One of those would work great for me. Two of these ultimate caps did hardly anything. Thus, my rating of 2 stars.

    2 people found this helpful


  92. Tried the -70 and had complete stool removal .

    It worked as far as I could Tell.


  93. Know before you buy.

    I always used Zentastic Probiotics & Prebiotics Supplement – 50 Billion CFU. I thought I’d try something new and or better. This probiotic, for me has given me cramps and I got very constipated I suffer with IBS so this just wasn’t the smartest move on my part.Im sure if your a person without stomach issues it might be a very good product. Just double ck.


  94. A must to take daily for your gut

    Worked ok

    Dianne Whiteheart

  95. Works good!

    Product worked good for me.

    Amazon Customer

  96. Amazing



  97. Mediocure

    This product is not as effective as Dr. Mercola probiotics. Although this product is cheaper, its not as effective.

    One person found this helpful

    Dr. Eddie Gordon

  98. The effectiveness of this product

    There is nothing I dislike about this product. I will definitely be ordering it again and would recommend it for someone who is looking for an effective probiotic.Mary


  99. Stomach

    Love them

    Pauline W.

  100. Didn’t do anything for me

    I didn’t notice any difference. I will stick with the cheap brands.


  101. Excelente


    Juan Vargas

  102. Great stuff


    Walking dude


    This one states nothing about needs refrigerated after opening. That was the main reasons I purchased this one. I checked and double checked. Now compare my picture with the one the Seller offers. Look right above where it says SUPPLEMENT FACTS and you will see on their picture, NOTHING. Was it cut out of the picture to help it sell? I believe so and I didn’t see it until after they set in room temperature for over a week. Maybe that hurt nothing but containing Bacteria I wasn’t going to chance it.

    One person found this helpful


  104. Better than I expected

    Better than I expected

    Reginald Jones

  105. Not very good

    These are not her good! I had to triple the amount. I still had heartburn and acid reflex still at the end of the day. These are too weak.

    Madeline Bush

  106. Great stuff


    Walking dude

  107. Excellent product! Saw results within 2 days!

    These has a very wide assortment of different probiotics compared to most brands and varieties. I can literally feel such a difference the 2nd day in how my digestive tract is doing. I am a huge advocate for probiotics of any sort. Many people dont realize that their digestion problems come from something you cant see! Love this!


  108. Did what they were meant to do…..

    Capsules weren’t too big to swallow easily. Healthy gut…healthy body!

    So Fla Nicole

  109. Value

    It does what it is supposed to do. Easy to swallow. Great value for money.👍

    ellen j carey

  110. Think they work for me

    I’m taking one per day and seeing how they work. I pour capsule into applesauce as I have enough pills to take, making it easier and faster. So far it caused more gas but that has tapered off since I’m on second week now. I think these will be good for me. I’m trying to eat more veggies and cooking stir fry lately. I do want all the nutrients in my food put to use. I’m interested in colon health after having colon resection surgery twice, and tests show food doesn’t make it to my colon for 24 hours. Long and slow process. TMI, I know, but if you have a similar problem, I hope this helps. I go more often now which is a good thing.

    One person found this helpful


  111. It works!

    Great product! Works as advertised.

    Justin Morton


    I like the size of the capsule. Easy to swallow. Within 30 minutes it works. I will buy again.

    Lou Pope

  113. Great defense for influenza

    Got this on a promotion to try an alternative to what we regularly buy. So glad I bought this! Son went thru a flu outbreak and his digestive system was a mess. These were among the supplements I used and he was up and going in 2 days 🙂 while his coworkers missed 7-10 days. Will buy again!!!


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